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Australian Law Editorial

The Oxymoron of ‘Delayed Justice’

There’s no doubt the charging of former NSW detective Roger Rogerson is a high profile case, demanding a great deal of public attention.

Environmental Litigation Punches Through The Class Divide

Long gone are the days when environmental activists would “grow their own denim and knit their own yoghurt,” as Alexi Sayle once told The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball.

Aviation Litigation

The families of the Australians killed in the horrific Ukraine missile attack will soon be dealing with the added distress of complicated litigation.

From Headmaster to Magistrate

Is it any wonder recidivism is so perennial when you look at new research on school discipline and its failings?

Juries “Amenable” or Influenced?

You don’t often see a Crown prosecutor grilled in the witness box. Like many of my colleagues, I was riveted by the spectacle of Margaret Cunneen, SC, under the hammer at the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse.

Belated Justice

In the 1990s Sydney was rocked by the revelations senior police were protecting notorious pedophiles.

Growing Chorus…as an old battle resumes

Condemnation continues to build for the Baird’s Government’s knee-jerk review of the New Bail Act – a row all the more fascinating for an ancient feud that’s been reignited.

Bail Act Farce – Who is Running this Show?

All the instability in NSW Politics in the last six years has already created the strong whiff of a banana republic – and the Baird government’s handling of the new Bail Act proves again that poor leadership is dogging this state. After a concerted, at times hysterical and always ill-informed campaign by elements of the […]

Cameras in the modern media era

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before the courtrooms of NSW would become the settings for lights, cameras and action…

Crime Displacement – The Puccini Effect

Some of us may recall the election campaign of the late 1990s when then Premier and “Yank-o-phile” Bob Carr was aping ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani with a tough anti-crime message.

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