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Criminal Lawyer Articles


Nick has written the following articles for criminal law journals and seminars for other lawyers: Committal_Hearing_Essentials_-_9_September_2011 ‘The defence of an honest and reasonable mistake of fact’ ‘Kelly v The Queen – The thin edge of the verballing wedge’; (2005) 42 (6) LSJ at 62; ‘Jones v Dunkel in the criminal trial – witnesses other than […]

Angry Young Men

The police shooting death of 18-year-old “terror suspect” Numan Haider was greeted with the inevitable shrieking about “crazed fanatics” and headlines that slotted snugly into the Federal Government’s narrative of “the enemy within”.

Excessive Political Force

EXPERIENCED NSW Police have had serious misgivings with the political forces behind what some see as the gratuitous show of strength in the “war” against terrorism.

Personal Protection

In the blizzard of global publicity over the hacking of erotic celebrity photos, proposals for historic changes to Australian privacy laws seem to have been lost.

Spinning Furiously

Just as I had finished blogging about the NSW Police Spin Machine – it was swinging into insidious action yet again.

Prison “Peace” To Go Up In Smoke?

Within 12 months the NSW Government says the State’s overcrowded jails will be completely smoke-free but whether a ban on cigarettes will be trouble-free remains to be seen. It’s often been said nicotine’s addictive elements can be as insidious as heroin, and one only has to consider the millions of dollars spent by health authorities […]

Stats Never Lie

The Australian Institute of Criminology’s latest crime statistics make for intriguing reading.

Talking Points August 15

It’s gratifying to know that not all politicians reduce one’s perspective to one of relentless cynicism. More power to the Greens, proving to be a force even more formidable for the issues they address outside the sterling environment protection work with which they normally associated.

Many Fails Of The New Bail Act

The proposed amendments to the Bail Act – and the manner in which they have been commissioned – continue to shock even the most seasoned political observers.

Bail Act Outrage

The farce we all anticipated with the review of the new Bail Act unfolded faithfully to expectations this week.

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