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Murder aquittal

Our client came to us to represent him on a retrial on a charge of murder some eight years after his initial conviction in the Supreme Court of NSW.

He had previously had an appeal dismissed in the Court of Criminal Appeal with other lawyers but subsequently made a successful appeal to the High Court of Australia, in which a retrial was ordered.

Throughout this process the client was in custody and serving a 22-year sentence.

In the initial trial, the co-accused was acquitted whereby she blamed our client for the murder. The client did not give evidence at this trial.

Additionally, medical records relating to the deceased’s mental condition were not adduced, which indicated he was a violent man.

At the retrial our client gave evidence of his version of events, and we succeeded in having the medical records of the deceased admitted into evidence.

The previous co-accused – now a prosecution witness – was cross examined by our counsel in extensive detail in accordance with our client’s version that she in fact committed the act and that he in fact was protecting her.

Our client was acquitted and immediately released from jail.

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