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Archive Jun 2014

Bail Act Farce – Who is Running this Show?

All the instability in NSW Politics in the last six years has already created the strong whiff of a banana republic – and the Baird government’s handling of the new Bail Act proves again that poor leadership is dogging this state. After a concerted, at times hysterical and always ill-informed campaign by elements of the […]

Cameras in the modern media era

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before the courtrooms of NSW would become the settings for lights, cameras and action…

Crime Displacement – The Puccini Effect

Some of us may recall the election campaign of the late 1990s when then Premier and “Yank-o-phile” Bob Carr was aping ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani with a tough anti-crime message.

Courthouses of Shame

The decay of some suburban courthouses in Sydney is nothing short of a disgrace. In medieval times when people lived on dirt floors, the church enforced its discipline on society by offering-up weekly visits …

Flawed forensics

The quality of scientific evidence prepared for prosecutions has been dealt a hammer blow by former Northern Territory Chief Justice Brian Martin. Justice Martin was scathing on what he described as the “deeply flawed” evidence of a forensic scientist who proved crucial in convicting David Eastman for the 1989 murder of assistant Federal Police Commissioner […]

Feeding Frenzy

The media’s feeding frenzy during the arrest of former detective Roger Rogerson really does make one wonder how “The Dodger” is going to get a fair trial.