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Archive May 2014

ICAC’s bark bigger than its bite?

For all the sensational evidence we’ve witnessed in recent years before the Independent Commission Against Corruption you can’t help but wonder whether any of the revelations will actual manifest in a successful prosecution.

Bail act up and running

After much debate the new Bail Act finally took effect in NSW this week – with the Police Minister and Attorney General trumpeting the prosecution’s cause.

“Innocent Until proven Guilty” A new myth?

From tomorrow the most controversial overhaul of bail laws in NSW history will take effect – and if you believed Barry O’Farrell before his own sentence to political oblivion – this legislation would be a “cure all.”

Jailhouse shock

What does the gentrified Southern Highlands town of Bowral have in common with the NSW Prison system?

Some punches hurt more than others

Adrenalin, emotions, alcohol, testosterone and drugs can all – individually and collectively – produce powerful, potentially lethal chemical reactions in the human body.

Talking points of the week

DEMONISATION OF DEMOCRACY? NSW Premier Mike Baird this week applauded the “democratic right to protest” but that won’t stop him from sending 600 police – and the riot squad to take-on the citizens of northern NSW opposing coal seam gas mining. Sure – the demonstration on May 18th to block access to a drilling site […]

Law and Order in NSW a shambles

When Michael Gallacher was forced by Premier Mike Baird to resign he became the third Police Minister in eight years to lose his portfolio in disgrace. Read more…