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Call Australian Criminal Law Specialists : As some of the Best Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, we recommend a strong criminal defence strategy for your legal representation

Highly competent criminal lawyers advocate a prompt response and strong criminal defence representation, it is of primary importance in cases of serious criminal charges

We are taking serious criminal defence cases such as Drink Driving, DUI and drugs charges, to fraud, serious sexual assault, aggravated assault and murder in and around Sydney, Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba and Penrith
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Top DUI, Drink Driving, Drugs and Assault charges Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney - Australian criminal law specialists

Our Criminal Defence Experts represent clients in matters relating to serious criminal charges ranging from Drink Driving, DUI and drugs charges, to fraud, serious sexual assault, aggravated assault and murder. With over 20 years experience, including investigating police misconduct and corruption, we know how to reduce the impact to your personal life and what evidence to look for, to support your case.

If you find yourself arrested and facing serious Criminal charges, then you will need the experienced legal advice and an expert criminal lawyer with a tactical approach to legal defence from Australian Criminal Defence Law Specialists. No matter what the criminal charges against you, whether DUI, drug charges, drink driving, assault and violent crime, sex offences or white collar crime call our 24 hour a day hotline 1800 CRIM-LAW(2746-529) for a free consultation.

Among the Best criminal defence strategists in Sydney, Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba and Penrith ...

Australian Criminal Law Specialists are among Sydney`s top criminal defence lawyers. Nick Boyden heads a dynamic team of criminal lawyers, criminal defence attorneys, solicitors and court room barristers at their Sydney CBD offices. Taking cases in Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba and Penrith.

As criminal lawyers with more than 20 years experience in the criminal law courts of Australia, Nick and his team are unquestionably the very best choice for all criminal law matters that affect the life, liberty, freedom and legal rights of yourself or your loved ones.

Australian Criminal Law Specialists services are available in Batemans Bay from March 2016

As a part of expanding the services of Australian Criminal Law Specialists in NSW, Nick Boyden and his team are now available to clients in Batemans Bay, NSW. As one of the top criminal lawyers in Sydney, Mr. Boyden is proud to see the firm expanding into new territories in 2016. The same, exceptional levels of legal representation aligned with Australian Criminal Law Specialists can now be accessed in Batemans Bay, NSW.

Please call Nick Boyden for an obligation free conversation regarding your case in Batemans Bay in 2016.

Criminal lawyers from Australian Criminal Law Specialists are among the Best in Defence in Criminal Law representation

- Best Criminal Barristers at law

The Barristers-at-Law and Solicitors of Australian Criminal Law Specialists, are preceded by their reputations for forceful criminal defence representation and criminal advocacy when it comes to Criminal Defence cases. Our Barristers-at-law are retained on high profile cases because they have a reputation for relating well with clients, protecting and defending civil liberties, ensuring rights and privacy are respected throughout difficult criminal proceedings. Our Barristers-at-Law are experienced at handling Newspapers and media coverage on high profile cases that garner media attention.

Australian Criminal Law Specialists' experience working high media profile criminal law cases is considerable.

Nick Boyden of Australian Criminal Law Specialists has written many articles for NSW criminal law journals. Nick`s reputation as one of the most tenacious criminal defence lawyers in Sydney is preceded by his reputation amongst colleagues and his experience is evident in the articles he has developed for law journals, as well as those written about him.

- Best Criminal Defence Attorney at Law

The best criminal lawyers recommend a strategic approach to defence law for criminal charges levelled against you, and consider the evidence, both incriminating and evidence supporting a legal defence, from all angles, including the consequences of the outcomes at your criminal trial in Australian courts to find the best results for charge downgrades, leniency and charge acquittals that impact your life and career the least.

In some cases, discrete research and investigations may be required to uncover the truth or discover missing evidence. Our criminal lawyers and defence attorneys have extensive experience in all matters of Criminal Law, Compensation Law and matters of Civil Law. This means we can confidently take charge, on your behalf and work towards securing your release, acquittal, and restoring your full legal rights.

Australian Criminal Lawyers from Australian criminal law specialists are defence attorneys that come from many different backgrounds working within the NSW Australian law fraternity, NSW police force, and Aboriginal affairs.

We ensure our clients rights aren't abused while under the custody of the local police force. We have the legal skills and knowledge of Australian Criminal Law that empower our clients, helping them to understand their legal rights in all cases, under all situations, so they will know how to act for their own best legal interests, when in police custody.

Criminal defence legal services in Sydney, CBD and surrounding suburbs, Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba and Penrith.

- Best Criminal Defence Solicitors in Australian law

The Criminal Defence Lawyers at Australian Criminal Law Specialists, although specialising in Criminal law, have legal associates who are highly experienced practicing Solicitors, in both Criminal and Civil defence law proceedings. When it comes to Civil Law and Compensation Law, our legal associates have been representing clients as civil law solicitors and criminal law solicitors for more than 13 years. We have expert Civil and Criminal defence solicitors who know how to win civil claims and litigation.

As part of the Australian Criminal Law Specialists team, we have some of the most knowledgeable Lawyers and Solicitors in Sydney, and we leverage their considerable knowledge of Australian Criminal and Civil law as well as their skills when we represent our clients in criminal proceedings.

Sydney`s best criminal lawyers, attorney`s, solicitors and barristers

Australian Criminal Law Specialists lawyers are fully Accredited Specialist`s of Australian Criminal Law, accredited by the Law Society of NSW.

In regard to Nick Boyden and his team of Sydney criminal lawyers, one of Sydney`s Top High Flying Barristers told The Sunday Telegraph, "Nick Boyden is a hard-nosed, shrewd criminal lawyer who relates well to people and is extremely straight forward."

As criminal lawyers in Sydney, Australian Criminal Law Specialists are perfectly placed to represent you in all criminal law matters. Principal Barrister-at-Law and Solicitor Nick Boyden is renowned as an aggressive criminal lawyer and defence law advocate by the Sydney legal fraternity, an expert with regards to Australian criminal law. Nick and his team of criminal lawyers, solicitors and barristers are centrally based in the Sydney CBD also taking cases from Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba and Penrith.

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Sydney, the lawyers at Australian Criminal Law Specialists are fully Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and know how to get results without costing a fortune.

Your first meeting with our lawyers is free - so why not make an appointment now!

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Top experienced Criminal lawyers in Sydney, Batemans Bay, Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Katoomba, Penrith and Batemans Bay.
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  • Nick Boyden - Australian Criminal Law Specialists
    Experts in Criminal Law

    We are a strategic team able
    to assist you in anything
    to do with criminal law.
  • Nick Boyden - Australian Criminal Law Specialists
    The right advice is critical
    We have successfully defended
    charges ranging from murder,
    drug importation and sexual
    assault to drug possession, drink
    driving and common assault.
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    Our team by your side
    We are based in Sydney but
    attend courts and tribunals
    across Australia.
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    The Best Reputation
    “He’s got a very good
    tactical mind and is good with strategy …”
    Sunday Telegraph, 2013


  • Our client was charged with the Aggravated Robbery of a man on Bondi Beach. More...

  • Our client was charged with holding a woman against her will and sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of a Sydney nightclub. More...

  • Our client was charged with a serious indictable offence – Intentionally Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm. More...

  • Our client was a nightclub owner accused of directing an off-duty bouncer to seriously assault someone near the club. More...

  • Our client was charged with six offences of fraud in the Local Court, namely that she was a part of a group of a family of conmen posing as repairmen. More...

  • Police were conducting an “operation” on Oxford St when one of them was accidentally hit by a car. More...

  • Our client came to us to represent him on a retrial on a charge of murder some eight years. More...

  • Our client was on bail for drug and Proceeds of Crime offences. More...

  • Our client was a professional truck driver of 18-wheeler-type trucks. More...

  • Our client was charged with larceny inside a hotel and common assault outside the same hotel. More...


  • In many cases we can avoid you being arrested in the first place. More...

  • It is essential to have quality representation at any bail application. We know what to do. More...

  • Over the years we have recovered almost a million dollars on behalf of our clients. More...

  • Nearly all lawyers believe there is no way of defending these charges, but many times there are. More...

  • The most common question we are asked is: ‘Will a criminal conviction stop me travelling overseas?' More...

  • Cases can be won or lost by knowing the technical areas of law unique to Local Court hearings. More...

  • A pre-hearing in the Local Court to see if a serious offence should actually go to trial in the District or Supreme Court. More...

  • We have dealt with this evidence in thousands of cases and know how to have it excluded or included. More...

  • The most serious offences on the criminal calendar, we have defended hundreds of homicide cases. More...

  • Despite popular beliefs, DNA evidence is not infallible and can be challenged. More...

  • Including the Crime Commissions, ICAC, Royal Commissions, coronial inquests etc. More...

  • Media reporting can prejudice your case. We can deal with the media in your stead. More...

Operating Australia-wide Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law
We are strategic experts able to assist you in relation to anything to do with criminal law.  With over 20 year’s experience, including investigating police misconduct and corruption, we know what to look for.  We have a proven track record in all courts. Offering outstanding advocacy and academically proven, our principal is recognised as a leading commentator and expert in criminal law.
As a boutique firm we offer specialised attention and customer service. We have successfully defended charges ranging from murder, drug importation and sexual assault to drug possession, drink driving and common assault. We are based in Sydney, but act for clients in all courts and tribunals across Australia. We offer a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service.